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Wenzhou Nanfang Amusement Rides Co., Ltd. is located in Wenzhou by the East China Sea. Wenzhou is an important region of the integration of economy, technology and culture in the Yangtze River Della. Is a leader of China's reform and opening up, and is also a harmonbus city with great creatlvllv.

The company's predecessor was Wenzhou Nanfang Miniature Vehicle Factory, which was switched to the productbn of amusement facilities in 1990 and renamed as Wenzhou Nanfang Amusement Facilities Plant. Approved by the government in 2005.it was restructured into a private enterprise and was renamed as Wenzhou Nanfang Amusement Rides Co., Ltd. The company is a specialized enterprise integrating design,manufacturing and installation of  large and medium-sized amusement facilities. It has manufacturing, maintenance, and installation qualification for amusennent facilities of Category A and B.

The company covers an area of 75 mu (about 12.4 acres)with the registered capital of 50 million Yuan, 1he total assets of over 280 million Yuan and the annual scale of operation and production capacity of 400 million Yuan .among which its workshops, office buildings and dormitories cover a total construction area of 46,000 square meters. Now there are 530 employees, among whom 150 have professional and technical titles, including 12 with senbr titles and 63 with intermediate titles. It has 106 technologies of patents for invention and utility patents, it is equipped with 252 pieces/sets of production and processing equipment for machinery, electrical equipment and glass reinforced pkastic, etc., with sophisticated equipment and complete testing facilities.

Over the years. It follows the TSG Z0004-2007 Quality Assurance System of National Mandatory Special Equipment and the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System Certification, establishes and improves quality management programs to ensure the stability of the level of quality, and ensures the healthy operation of the quality assurance system with strong technical force.

The company cufrently has mofe than 50 varieties models of high-quolity amusement facility products, covering the needs of main large sized equipment of amusement parks. Old prcxiuct design is constantly optimized and continuous new product R&O is the target of our long-term market strategy. Our markets are throughout the country and products are exported to Southeast Asia. Russia, Central Asia, and Africa, especially in the extensive application of the best-know theme Parks in China. We not only manufacture amusement facilities.but also provide the design scheme of personalized equipment and diversification theme product manufacturing to meet customer needs. Moreover.we also provide satisfactofy pre-sales, sates and affer-sales services, and the quality and efficient all- found services make customei groups continue to expand.

Afler over 20 years of development,The enterprise scale expands year by year, the production capacity continues to Increase,new products  continuously come onte the market ,and patented  technologies achieve Innovative breakthroughs. The company   Innovative breakthroughs. The company always adheres to the quality of the product as the forerunner of development, adheres to the operating principle of th© interests of customers first the strategy of success through quality.and the sense of social responsibility of safety overriding all else,thus it has won praise from customers The long entrepreneurial journey has honed an excellent professional team with both morality and ability. Scientific management,careful quality control means and precision manufacturing lay a solid cornerstone for enterprise development,operation with integrity helps us come to th© forefront of the industry and win affirmation of customers and the government. The company has won many titles like Scientific and Technological Enterprise in Zhejiang Province, Contract-Abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise, One of Top 60 industrial Enterprise in Lucheng WenZhou, and National High-Tech Enterprise, we are the amusement facilities board members of Chino Promotion Association for Special Equipment Safety and Energy-saving. It also participates in drafting and formulating national standards such as Safety Technology Standards for Amusement Facilities, etc.

looking into the future, we will, as always, continue to strengthen technological progress, promote industrial upgrading, and make efforts to build dThoctern company!

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